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Power BI Analysis Project - Travel Assured

Case Study Project - Travel Insurance

Company Background

Travel Assured is a travel insurance company. Due to the COVID pandemic, they have had to

cut their marketing budget by over 50%. It is more important than ever that they advertise in

the right places and to the right people.

Travel Assured has plenty of data on their current customers as well as people who got

quotes but never bought insurance.

Customer Question

They want to know:

● Are there differences in the travel habits between customers and non-customers?

● What is the typical profile of customers and non-customers?

In order answer the above questions I will first create a Power BI dashboard and then will try to derive the required results from the analysis.

Data was provided in the form of a csv file.

Data was loaded into Power BI where it was cleaned and transformed in the Transform data section.

The final Dashboard looks like click here

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